Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Painting the White Prius

Back of white Prius

Painting the white Prius

White Prius for Plug in Supply

Me in front of the White Prius going to Plug in Supply

Prius battery exposed

Black nearly restored in front of salvage row

Black Prius - side

Black Prius - Nice work!

Black Prius - Nearly restored front

Blue salvage - Make an offer!

Prius Electronic salvage

Hiero PHEV front side, hood up

Touch Up painting on the Hiero PHEV - Black is black!

Hiero PHEV on rack

Salvage Row!

Parts is Parts - Not a lot left!

Silver Prius - back looks real good!

Silver Prius Front

Silver Prius - Nice Left Side

Parts on shelves and Parts car - Hatch in good shape

Back of Auto Be Yours - Silver Salvage in foreground

Silver Parts Car - Hey where is the back of the car?

Silver Prius salvage car

White Salvage Car - Not much left!

Red Parts Car...Did my doors come from this one?